How to Pickpocket a Knight of Ardougne in World of Warcraft

You can train your knight of Ardougne in different ways. One common training method is to lure the knight to the north-east house in the ardougne market. If you train your knight in this way, he will attack you if you steal from stalls in the market. Another effective method is to repeatedly left-click the knight. During training, you can position your camera in a specific spot so that you don’t need to move your mouse.

Pickpocketing the Knights of Ardougne can yield good amounts of gold. The best time to pickpocket a Knight is when you are level 55 or higher in Thieving. A successful pickpocketing attempt will award 84,3 Thieving Experience. To improve your chances of picking up a Knight of Ardougne, equip the Ardougne Cloak. This cloak increases the success rate of pickpocketing by 10%. Although this method is slow compared to Blackjacking, you can expect a nice amount of Experience per hour. The average knight of Ardougne will drop between 60000 and 250000 Exp.

You can safely spot the Ardy knight by watching Collonelo’s video. It demonstrates how to set up your mousekeys and foot pedal, and how to counter a coin pouch without clicking away. Collonelo’s video can be found near the logout button. This video also shows you how to set NPC attack options to hidden. This setting will completely hide NPC attack options and only show the pickpocket.