group of girls

A group of girls teenagers has started a trend of posting a photo of themselves with a
dhaba sign in their background. It’s not unusual to see girls in dhabas posing for selfies, but this latest trend has been met with controversy. While Pakistan’s social mores do not permit girls to post photos of themselves online, the rise in smartphone sales and the increasing popularity of social media have made the topic of selfies more accessible than ever before.

Group of girls in Islamabad

A group of girl in Gujranwala were recently involved in a tragic incident involving a river in
northern Pakistan. A family was visiting the valley when a teenage girl slipped into the river while trying to take a selfie. The girls, who were from Mian Channu, were visiting Gujranwala for a relative’s wedding and were taking selfies along the river bank. Unfortunately, the ill-fated girl fell into the river, where her mother and her friend, Shazia Atif, managed to save her. The girls were rescued by passersby and a rescue 1122 team was deployed