Girls For Eid Night

It is the age-old custom to color the hands of girls for Eid night. To get this beautiful color, girls go from house to house collecting leaves from the hena tree. They then apply the hena to their hands. They leave the hena to dry for a few hours before coloring their nails. In cities, artificial hena is available in tubes. If you have a young daughter, you can even color her nails for the festival.

Men paint walls
Before Eid night, the men in Stone Town start painting the walls, doors, and chairs. They do anything to have it dry in time for the Eid festivities. I found it interesting to see the

of a decorator, who has gone viral after blasting through his work in under a minute. He begins by making long, huge strokes before gliding effortlessly across the canvas. His speed and elegance make me want to follow his lead.

Color the Hands of Girls For Eid Night

Women color hands with hena
It is customary for women to color their hands with henna on the night before the Eid, which is called the Chaand Raat, or “night of the moon.” The bride’s mother-in-law will place a gold coin in her hand and then apply henna designs. This is not a traditional henna night in the West, though. In Pakistan and India, it is a common practice.

Food is served
In the Middle East, people will eat a variety of desserts on Eid night, including mammol, ghorabya, kahk, betitfour, halva, and marzipan. In South Asia, the most common dish is sheer kurma, which is a kind of rice pudding. In Pakistan, gulabjamun, or dried apricots, will be served.

Color the Hands of Girls For Eid Night in Islamabad

For Eid night, your little girl should wear something that is both elegant and beautiful. You can coordinate her outfit with her mother’s. In fact, you can find a number of stylish dresses, suit sets, and kurtis at Zara, and you can even save money by purchasing discounted items. You can also find cute Eid accessories, such as pom poms, to enhance her look. Whether you’re shopping for your daughter or for yourself, these pieces are sure to be a hit with your little girl.

The night before Eid is a festive time for Muslims across the world. Whether it is the Eid night prayer or the Eid evening prayers, young girls roam the bazaars reciting the prayers, and families prepare to celebrate by decorating their homes. The Prophet (peace be upon him) held Eid in high regard and left many traditions surrounding the festival. For these reasons, girls’ prayers are particularly important.